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Birthdate:Jan 29
Location:Maryland, United States of America
About this Journal
This is my anti-journal. This is going to post everything I've never wanted to post before: actual weights, weight goals, what I am doing to make 2010 a much different year than before. It is all public. I've got little to hide. On the other hand, I expect goodness of heart, cheerleading, and support from those who read and comment. I'm not interested in people bashing me for my weight, my weaknesses as a human. I'm taking a chance here--one I've been reluctant to do thusfar. Prove me wrong.

About Me
My name is Samantha. *Hi!* Long time LJ'er. Love science-fiction and fantasy, writing and enjoying the fiction of those I've met in my fandoms. Movie and TV addict. Bibliophile is an understatement. I love food. I'm about 160 lbs overweight. Nevertheless, I am a good person, and I think my personality overcomes most people's inhibitions to like someone as overweight as I am. I am usually cheerful and optimistic, especially when providing support to my friends. I enjoy being their cheerleader. I'd really like one of my own.

This Journal is being resurrected from the Dead
So, We're back to the end of yet another year. A new list of resolutions is just begging to be drawn up. What do I normally do? Post them in a "me only" post and forget about them. After all, no one else can see them. Not this year.

My New Years Resolutions: 2010
(inserted when I actually come up with them!)

Weight Goals
Where I am now: 301
Date: December 31, 2009

Where I want to be: 150lbs
Date: November 2011

Milestone: September 3, 2010 (Labor Day Staff Meeting)
Goal: -70lbs
weight: 230

Milestone: November 18, 2010 (Conference)
Goal: -100lbs
weight: 200

Friending Policy
This is not my normal LJ. I can be found at LJ and Dreamwidth as [info]samantilles. I encourage anyone also struggling to lose weight and wants support to friend this journal. I don't know where to start, so I am starting by joining communities. I'm seeking communities that will be motivational for me to continue waking up everyday, packing that gym bag and perhaps not that bag of potato chips in my lunchsack. As I fully realize the implications of my resolutions to become a better person, this journal will hopefully reflect all aspects of improvement, not just weight loss.

For those communities that require an elongated LJ presence or known participation, a few key facts:
I am an avid commenter. I am a strong supporter and cheerleader. I'm a usually frequent poster to my main journal and a absolute daily reader to my favorite communities and my friends.
[info]iamnotdefeated has been around since October of 2005, created when my main LJ was hacked and stolen. I've been a part of LJ for over five years and maintain a permanent account and even dabble in LJ Support every once in a while. While I've maintained it as a backup, I've decided that the username is quite apropos to my newly claimed fight (though it was just as apropos to the situation for which it was created.)
I may have no or little friends here to this journal, but it is not because of anti-social behavior, believe me. I am beginning with a proverbial blank slate. Its only natural that I must start out again with few friends I have met through my endeavors.
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